Angela Libby Jankousky of Turning Point Presentations is a trainer, business writer, speaker and speaking coach, specializing in business communication.

Turning Point Presentations is dedicated to helping speakers, sales professionals, entrepreneurs, and technical professionals communicate in a way that is clear, concise and compelling.

Angela understands the substance of business.  She is effective helping clients deliver content that is highly analytical; she is equally fluent in expressing concepts that are rich in emotion and nuance. 

Angela has a B.S. and M.S. in engineering and an MBA.  She helps clients:

  • clarify their messages,
  • tune their content so that it resonates with the specific audience, and
  • illustrate concepts so that they are compelling and memorable.

Recent presentations and training sessions:

  • June 2010: Presentation to Sales Pros: Your Call to Action
  • March 2010: Presentation: Greenwood Village Chamber of Commerce
  • March 2010: Better Sales Presentations to a Microsoft Corporation Workgroup
  • February 2010: Presentation: The Trusted Advisor Earns More Money
  • February 2010: Drop in Presentation Practice
  • December 2009: Make-It-Fly Video: The Call to Action
  • November 2009: Presentation to CISCO Systems: How to Explain Complicated Stuff
  • September 2009: Make-It-Fly Conference: Masterful Presentations
  • July 2009: Sustainable Business Group
  • June 2009: Interview with KCNC news: getting a job in troubled times. Keynote on leadership for Colorado School of Mines alumni group.
  • April: 1st place, Toastmasters Speech Contest, Area M-4.
  • March: Two 2-day training courses. Introduction to Environmental Laws and Statutes and Introduction to Environmental Management: Red Rocks Community College. 1st place Toastmasters Speech Contest at my club, South Suburban Toastmasters
  • January: Presenting Your Business and Yourself for Business Honoring Spirituality
  • December 2008: Keynote Speaker for Denver Chapter of Help Desk Institute Analyst of the Year Luncheon
  • November: How to Give a Presentation for Lakewood Kiwani's, Deliver a Can't Miss Coaching Proposal for the Denver Coach Federation
  • October: Presenting Your Business and Yourself to Health Care Providers, Learned Optimism for a subchapter of the National Association of Credit Managers.  1st Place, Area M-4 Toastmasters Evaluation Contest.  (Placed 2nd in Humorous Speech Contest)
  • September: 2-day training course. Introduction to Environmental Laws and Statutes: Red Rocks Community College. Placed 1st in Toastmasters Evaluation Contest and Humorous Speech Contest at my club, South Suburban Toastmasters July: Enterprise Wheat Ridge: Presenting Your Business and Yourself; Toastmasters Leadership Institute: For Leadership, Give Me Shackleton
  • June: Keynote Cheyenne Leadership Dinner.  Two workshops: Presenting Your Business and Yourself, for Sandler Sales Training

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